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Last week Dave had to head up to NY for business and so we decided I needed to tag along too. While he was tied up for a couple days in White Plains, I rode the train into the city and roamed the streets with one of my favorite friends. Once Dave was done, he and I got a hotel in midtown and just soaked some of what the Big Apple has to offer. We walked a ton, ate a ton and took a ton of pics. I absolutely loved the tastes and textures we found there. I even convinced an old friend to model for a shoot! (stay tuned for shots from that sometime very soon) 

Here is a little slideshow of my favorite shots from the trip. Let’s call them apple slices. If you are interested in hanging any of these sweet slices on your wall, just click the link to the gallery at the end of the show and you can order prints in any size you like. Enjoy!