I don’t know where to start with this post. I promise I am being honest when I say these images brought me to laughter and tears in the hours spent with them. To call being chosen to photograph this wedding an “honor” would be an understatement. I literally felt like I was 5 years old on Christmas morning and everything I ever wanted was under the tree.

JB & Sarah are sweet, loving, down-to-earth and beautiful. Their  venue and details would make any wedding photographer swoon and their friends, family and vendors made us feel like just one of the team. Seriously, what more could I ever want?

However, it was the excitement and emotion each of the day’s moment’s held that really pushed me over the edge. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did. Note: There are quite a few of them, I can’t help it sometimes.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: The Powel Crosley Estate

Wedding Planner: Anna Pohl

Catering: Mattison’s

Entertainment: Black Tie Djs

What a perfectly precious bride?!

JB and his baseball buddies passing time.

How adorable is this ring-bearer?

The very first shot after the ceremony. The one that makes me cry. Look how in love they are!

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