All I can say is “more please”.

This Nashville Farm wedding in Brentwood at the Wolf Den Farm was everything a wedding should be and more. The bride and groom were darling, the farmy feel was beyond perfection, our lighting was divine and all of that was topped off with wonderful guests and incredible details. It all enough to leave this photographer once again smitten with Tennessee Weddings. I have to thank Skip Hopkins for allowing me to tag along with him on this wedding. I enjoyed every single second. Skip and his clients were an absolute dream to work with, they even had special seats reserved for us with their guests! As the 3-piece band finished their set I was genuinely sad the night was over.

But my hope is that I am able to shoot many many more Nashville Weddings so if you happen to know someone in the area in need of some good lookin wedding photos, I’m their girl!

Until then, here’s a little taste of a Tennessee Wedding.