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A rough day May 27, 2011

My grandma went to be with Jesus two weeks ago yesterday. We knew her time was drawing near and when it came we were thankful that she was in peace. However, my mind was still flooded with memories of her from my childhood; blessings I have today because of her faithfulness to God and her family; thoughts on the weight of life. How heavy its value yet how lightly it flutters away. Sometimes being an adult can be really rough. Thursday, May 12 was one of those days.

When I was in college and I needed to think or pray I would go out to the beach and just let God speak through the comfort of His creation. So that’s what I chose to do on the day Grandma left us. I brought my camera because I wanted to remember what I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

As it turns out, it was a rough day there too.  I was completely alone so I just began walking, slowly, inhaling the salt and letting my feet sink into the sand. The waves were creating a mist on the shore and the light was falling behind the dunes. It was as if the sea, sand and sky were posing. It was all of the magic I knew it would be and I know I will never forget that day.