Wondering how to inspire your wedding photographer and make her fall in love with you and your fiance: Do what Lauren & Kyle did.

I don’t mean a secret garden inspired shoot but I do mean get creative.  Think of ways to bring in elements that tell a story and show who you are as a couple.

Just read what Lauren said about her shoot, “I knew instantly that I wanted our photos to evoke a secret garden feel—which is also one of my favorite books. Kyle and I live in such a beautiful area—with the perfect backdrop for photos moments from home. Our session took place early in the morning, in a garden on a nearby Island, underneath a canopy of banyan trees. It was all very romantic and magical which made the photo shoot even more of an experience for the two of us. Putting together the props and picking out our outfits was a labor of love. Kyle was dressed in J.Crew and I was in vintage dresses, with a necklace I made myself. The props used were selected from local consignment shops, yard sales, eBay and also from home like the foliage that I wrapped around the chairs and table with. For a personal touch I added one of my grandmother’s vintage teacups.”

How could you not love them after that? I was overwhelmed with inspiration and left feeling like I was the luckiest photographer in the world. Well I still kind-of think that…