Anyone who’s known me for 5 minutes would know that Nashville holds a special place in my heart. My little collection of loved ones up there just keeps growing and I am so fortunate to include my sweet friend Jessica among them. Jessica is the owner and lead designer of jessica sloane event styling & design, a wedding design and coordination company based out of Nashville. You may have already read about how we met but since then we have had the opportunity to work together several times and I’ve loved every minute. On top of being sweet, spirited and beautiful, she is also super professional and extremely talented at what she does. Working with her is easy as pie and always results in a lot of laughing. I had the opportunity on one of my recent trips to steal her away for a little while to photograph her, just for the heck of it. Well when we arrived at our first location, I got a little stroke of bravery and decided to leave my digital camera in the car marking this as my very first FULLY FILM shoot! Shot in its entirety with my Contax on 400H.