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Winter Shoot for Darling Magazine December 19, 2012

Recently, I was invited to contribute to a new magazine that seeks challenge the status quo of what society feeds women about their worth, beauty, identity and relationships. It was a huge honor because I whole-heartedly believe in their vision and want to do anything I can to be a part of it. So needless to say, when they asked me to photograph content for their article on how to cultivate peace in your relationships, I was completely on board. I was given the task of creating winter scene based on around two people in two canoes, reaching towards one another and the above are some of the results.

So a big thanks to the girls at Darling for inviting me to be a part and also to Shea and Andy for bundling up on a sunny South Florida morning. Also, if you have not checked out this new magazine for women, I would highly recommend a copy for you and someone you love.

“In a world saturated with messages telling women they’re not enough, Darling Magazine is a voice that shouts loudly above the noise. It’s a fast growing movement, a mentality and powerful tool full of positive messages for women. Tearing down the unrealistic ideals women are held to and challenging the status quo, Darling addresses important, timely issues and truly uplifts women to a place of security, true beauty, and purpose. When spread, the message of Darling could truly start a revolution in the hearts and minds of women and change the world of media as it now stands.”

Cover photo by Amanda Gallant